About Us

Hi! My name is Harleen. I'm the founder of Harlee Beauty. I started Harlee beauty because I myself have struggled with sensitive, acne prone, and combination skin, and have always had a hard time finding skincare that worked.

Since I was a teenager to now (I'm well into my mid to late twenties) I've tried so many products that were either too expensive, too harsh or just didn't work. Products that did work had way too many ingredients that you couldn't even pronounce.

I was unhappy that in order for me to have healthy skin that I had to use chemically formulated products that would not only be on my skin, but eventually in my body. I then decided to do my own research and become a certified natural skincare formulator.

Having lived in Punjab, India when I was 14 (for a year), I saw my grandma, aunts and women around me use simple ingredients like turmeric root, chickpea flour, and lemon juice as part of their daily skincare and body care routine.

Skincare for them was connected to the ingredients they found around them like herbs, spices, fruits, and plants.

Resonating with that simple connection to our natural selves, I decided to create a simple line of products that were healthy, holistic and transparent.

I wanted to create a range of skincare products that you could use every single day without the worry of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and toxins.

Thoughtfully minimalist, the skincare range at Harlee is formulated with simple and effective ingredients. Our products contain safe high-quality formulas for everyday use. We developed our skincare line with the ambition of creating attainable, natural, and effective products.

Simple, gentle, vegan, and cruelty free.