Why natural skincare?

We often hear about how natural skincare is the future. The "clean skincare" section in Sephora is growing and so is the genre of clean + natural skincare.

Why did we choose to be a natural skincare company in particular? 

Well, one of the reasons is that, with our products we avoid potentially harmful and synthetic chemicals. For people who’ve had a poor experience with commercially available products being irritating, or simply not effective, our natural ones offer the promise of better, gentler results.

Second, our skincare products are more than just products. They have a deeper rooted meaning and connection to our natural world, showcasing that everything we need to heal and nourish our skin, can be found in nature.

Just look HEAL, the entire serum contains plant and fruit extracts like turmeric and mango with naturally derived preservative, Vitamin E.

We wanted to embrace our connection to nature and bring upon a more simpler, gentler line of products that you can use every day without worrying about long term effects of the use of chemicals.

Being conscious and aware of the fact that sometimes the word, natural is used loosely in our skincare industry, we dedicate ourselves to truly embracing this, by being transparent about our ingredients and formulations.

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